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Down Beat Volume 35 Issue #12, Published 6/13/1968

downbeat-6-19-1968x125“Look Back To The Future” Interview with Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson in regards to Blues history and the “New” Canned Heat sound by Pete Welding. Click the cover for the verbatim transcript.

Alan is interviewed by Pete Welding about Canned Heat’s roots, the sound of the band and its evolution, modal vs. ensemble Blues, the industry, the types of gigs and venues they played, types of fan characteristics, and Blues in relation to the record-buying public.

This story is © Down Beat Magazine, and/or Pete Welding, 1968-2008  

Melody Maker p11, Published 09/14/1968

Melody Maker - 9-14-1968“Canned Heat, the group that refused to be a jukebox and got fired” Interview with Bob “The Bear” Hite, Larry Taylor, and Alan Wilson by the British press.

Reacting to the hostility facing the hippies in 1968, Bob, Larry and Alan break it down for MM right as “On The Road Again” was breaking the top ten in Europe.

This article is referenced on the Canned Heat Biography page on their website.

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Rolling Stone Issue #68, Published 10/29/1970

“The People Leave Hyde Park Slowly” Interview with Bob “The Bear” Hite in September, 1970 regarding Alan Wilson’s passing by Bob Greenfield - Click the cover for the verbatim transcript.

Alan had been gone from this world less than a week, and Bob Hite gave a very somber interview to Rolling Stone. Hite gives the reader his analysis of Alan’s situation at the time, and offers the only insight he can; obviously shattered by the loss of his friend. That night in England, Canned Heat boogied on into the sunset.

This Story is  © Rolling Stone, and/or Bob Greenfield. 1970-2008                                           Special Thanks to Peter McKibben for re-discovery of the article!

Rolling Stone Issue #76, Published 2/18/1971:

“Just Those Five Notes” An Interview with Alan “Blind Owl”   Wilson by Pete Welding - click the cover for verbatim transcript.

The story ran on p.30 & 31 of the issue, and was published about five months after Alan Wilson died.  This interview was taken from interviews in 1968, and illustrates the depth of Alan’s musical knowledge, as he breaks down the blues and explore the different nuances of the music while giving the reader a crash-course in blues-musicology.

The story is © Rolling Stone, and/or Pete Welding.

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